Caroline Red Raspberry

    The Caroline red raspberry is a primocane variety (ripens fruit on this year’s cane growth) that begins its ripening around the early part of August and will continue until frost. It is our latest fruit producer that we grow. It is sad to see the last of the fruit coming forth usually in late October. Fruit has great flavor and is conical in shape. Cane growth at this time of year is impressive with promise for a great fall crop.

    In Season: July-August

    Jaclyn Red Raspberry

    The Jaclyn red raspberry fruit is long and conic and ripens in early July. It is our second primocane and has started slow from when we planted it but is beginning to catch up with Caroline raspberry. Flavor runs good to excellent.

    In Season: July

    Nova Red Raspberry

    The Nova red raspberry is a floricane variety (produces fruit this year on last year’s cane growth) that is medium in size and fine flavor. This is our earliest ripening fruit and it continues to ripen over a long period and we get continuous complements on the flavor of this variety.

    In Season: June-August


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Boy picking fresh red raspberries

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