Our Fruit

Our farm contains a little over 6 acres of land where we lovingly grow blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. After years of waiting for the soil to purify to met organic standards, we planted the first acre of blueberries in the spring of 2012. The following spring we planted 2 acres in red raspberries and blackberries. After three years our fruit is ready for pick your own. Below are the varieties of berries that we have chosen to grow.


  • Aurora Blueberry

    The Aurora blueberry quality is firm with a tiny dry picking scar. The fruit is suitable for long term storage in controlled atmosphere. Berries of the later harvest will be deep blue to black. There are 3 distinct harvests with Aurora. The flavor of the first ripe fruit is mostly acid with only a hint of sweetness. The second and third harvests the acidity decreases only slightly with slight sweetness.

    In Season: Mid-August

  • Blue Crop Blueberry

    Blue Crop Planted in 2016 and will have some harvest in 2017. Blue Crop is the leading early-mid-season highbush blueberry in the United States. The fruit size is large, quality is firm and bright blue in color. We will expect these to begin ripening the last week of June and on into July.

    In Season: Late June to early July

  • Blueray Blueberry

    Perhaps the best midseason ripening cultivar for u-pick growers. Fruits are large, some of them an inch in diameter. Flavors of sweetness with a desirable hint of acidity make it a fine flavored fruit. Yields are consistently high in all recommended zones.

    In Season: June-July

  • Chandler Blueberry

    The Chandler is a cultivar of blueberry that is the world's largest blueberry with fruit the size of cherries. Producing deep sky blue blueberries will cover the 5- to 7-ft. bush in July. The delicious, sweet flavor makes it ideal for baking and eating fresh. It's long ripening season allows you to enjoy the fresh fruit for up to 6 weeks.

    In Season: Mid-August

  • Draper Blueberry

    Draper blueberry is a mid-season variety that is consistently large and uniform with a light blue color. This easy to pick blueberries has a great shelf-life. The thicker skin gives the fruit a great crisp texture and a resistance to splitting.

    In Season: August

  • Duke Blueberry

    This is a very popular organic cultivar among pick your own blueberry lovers. When the berries of Duke ripen you will know that summer is here! Deep blue, medium size berries will cover the bush for a period of 3 weeks every year. Sweet flavors of the berries are loaded with vitamins in every handful.

    In Season: Early Season

  • Legacy Blueberry

    Legacy were planted in 2015 and have grown rapidly. Fruit size is medium, high quality with great storage life, with a superior flavor. These berries will be ready for picking by the middle of July.

    In Season: Middle of July


  • Caroline Red Raspberry

    The Caroline red raspberry is a primocane variety (ripens fruit on this year’s cane growth) that begins its ripening around the early part of August and will continue until frost. It is our latest fruit producer that we grow. It is sad to see the last of the fruit coming forth usually in late October. Fruit has great flavor and is conical in shape. Cane growth at this time of year is impressive with promise for a great fall crop.

    In Season: July-August

  • Jaclyn Red Raspberry

    The Jaclyn red raspberry fruit is long and conic and ripens in early July. It is our second primocane and has started slow from when we planted it but is beginning to catch up with Caroline raspberry. Flavor runs good to excellent.

    In Season: July

  • Nova Red Raspberry

    The Nova red raspberry is a floricane variety (produces fruit this year on last year’s cane growth) that is medium in size and fine flavor. This is our earliest ripening fruit and it continues to ripen over a long period and we get continuous complements on the flavor of this variety.

    In Season: June-August


  • Chester Blackberries

    A Thornless variety for easy picking that ripens in the early part of July. The berries are large and will not leak in the heat of summer when picking and handling. This is the most popular of Thornless Blackberries for picking.

    In Season: Early July-Early August

  • Freedom Ark Blackberry

    We selected Freedom Ark blackberries variety from the trials at the University of Delaware. This blackberry is very large and has an exciting flavor which is sweet to the taste. They are the perfect berry for U Pick operations. I am sure they will freeze well if needed and should make great cooking, fresh eating, fine jelly and wine.

    In Season: July-August